Time for a Mideast Reset


We fully agree with a commentary’s plea for peace, urging Palestinians and Israelis to rise above hate and violence (“On 50th anniversary of war, a plea for peace,” May 30). For 50 years, Israel has occupied the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, creating Jewish-only settlements; bulldozing more than 800,000 olive trees; claiming the water in the West Bank; demolishing Palestinian homes; maintaining checkpoints that hold Palestinians for hours on their way to their lands, schools and hospitals; and imprisoning them without charge. The 1949 Geneva Accords, signed by Israel, outlaw the occupation and all those activities. Ancient Israelite law ordained every 50th year as a time to right wrongs involving property and restore equity; all holdings must be returned to their original owners. The United States should help restore justice by withholding its annual $3 billion aid, 90 percent of which goes to buy American weapons, and should press Israel to grant Palestinians their human rights.

Rabbi Meryl Crean, Glenside, and the Rev. Cliff Cutler, Chestnut Hill